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What's Up @ Aldersgate? Weekly Communication

D.I.G. & Kids Worship Online

We are excited to invite you and your family to explore the Good News at home together. Deeper In God (D.I.G. at Midland Campus) and Kids Worship (at Cardinal Square Campus) leaders  invite you to join in this perfect summer fun activity with the church. Families will receive a weekly email with the lessons for that week and activities to explore together. It's a great way to connect together and share God's Word with children and youth. Please click on the links below to join in the fun!
I want to receive D.I.G. fun for my family. - Co-ordinator, Addie Maxwell
I want to receive Kids Worship fun for my family.  - Leader, Tammy Williams

RightNow Media

We've paid for the subscription to help you bridge the Monday through Saturday gap. Join in the fun of Christian Media online. To get your access codes, click here. At RightNow Media, you will find captivating bible studies, children/family friendly shows, and men & women studies  to share with friends and family.  "We believe the mission of the church matters." - RightNow Media

Renewal Christian Counselling Center

"To rebuild and bring newness to the individual and his or her relationships!"
Come and begin your journey to newness with us. Whether you're struggling with relationships, looking for help with an addiction, seeking support, or need a life coach - here at Renewal, we can help you. We have locations in Mt. Clemens, Port Huron, Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw (in the Aldersgate Cardinal Square Campus on Bay Road) for your convenience.  Please call (989) 244-1888 to make your appointment today. Visit for more information. 

Send a Prayer or a Care Package

UPDATE: Aldersgate has sent out over 30 care packages and postcards! 

We have created a way to help you reach out to the 60% who don't know Jesus by sending a “We’re praying for You” Post card, or small Care Package.
You can send one, two, or as many cards and packages you like to the persons you choose.
Simply click on this Link:  Once there, follow the instructions, let us know if you want to send a card or package and provide us the name and address of who you want to send it too.  We’ll take care of the packing and mailing so that we make sure everything is sanitized. You will also have the opportunity to write a short personal message that will be printed on the card.
Gift boxes will have:  Chocolate and/or Candy, $5 Gift card to Great Lakes Ice Cream, Inspirational book or video, a Christian-themed small gift, a fun-themed small gift, an invite to join Aldersgate online for worship, and a printed personal message from you (if provided).
There is no cost to send a postcard or gift, but we are providing an opportunity through the church website to provide an optional donation to offset postage costs. ($7 per package is the recommended gift).

Bless Every Home

UPDATE: We are continuing to bless our neighborhoods with prayer as we continue to grow our homes into lighthouses for our tri-city area.  Currently, Aldersgate has 14 "lights" (houses praying for neighbors) praying for 761 households in the area. 

Aldersgate has partnered with and thousands of other Christians across America to pray for our neighbors.  Upon sign up, they will provide you the name and location of your 40 closest neighbors. You will get a daily email reminding you to pray for 5 of your neighbors every day, and the email even provides suggestions on what to pray for. The website also helps you log your progress as you pray for the people in your neighborhood.You’ll also be able to see areas where others from our church are praying, so you’ll be encouraged through the process.
The service is free and anonymous; your neighbors will not know you are standing in the gap for them unless you decide to contact them.  It’s amazing to think of what God will do honoring your prayers.
Sign up is simple, just use the links below for each campus:
Midland Campus:
Cardinal Square Campus:

Mid-Michigan Area Flood Assistance

If you need immediate help, please call 211.
If you would like to donate money to to flood relief fund, please click here. We are collectively supporting the efforts of United Way.
Disaster cleaning buckets information is available here.
If you have questions regarding the Aldersgate response, please call Lead Pastor, Michael T. Sawicki via (989) 492-4465 or via email at

Emergency Mobile Food Pantry

UPDATE: We want to thank everyone for the support you have shown those in our community, not only through the mobile food pantries but in various other ways as well.
Related to the mobile food pantry, we are postponing the mobile food pantry originally scheduled for July 8th.  Based on discussions with the Emergency Food Pantry Network and other organizations in the area there is currently an abundance of food in Midland County.  This is due to the generosity of various people and organizations in the area, plus the various forms of government support currently available.  Based on this we think it is best to postpone our next mobile food pantry on July 8th. There are still plenty of other needs in our communities and opportunities for us to provide support in other ways, please continue to look for those opportunities.
We will still be hosting a mobile pantry on August 7th in the Cardinal Square area and one on August 21st at the Midland campus.  Depending on the need we may add a mobile pantry in September or early October.
Also we want to thank you for your generosity in the form of financial donations related to the mobile pantries.  We have already received enough donations to pay for the cost of the mobile pantries we will be hosting. - Elaine & Dean Tobey

Aldersgate will be hosting 5 mobile food pantries near the Midland and Cardinal Square campuses over the next 4 months.  This is one of the ways Aldersgate is reaching out to help those in the communities around us.  We will need 35 to 40 volunteers to help with each mobile pantry.  We will be practicing the social distancing guidelines which will be in place at the time of the mobile pantries.  This will include asking volunteers to wear masks and gloves, and clients who are receiving food will be asked to stay in their cars.
The following are the dates and locations of the mobile food pantries:
·       Friday, May 22nd at the Saginaw-Bay Ice Arena
·       Friday, June 5th at Aldersgate Midland Campus

·       Wednesday, July 8th at Aldersgate Midland Campus - CANCELLED. This will be rescheduled for the fall. 
·       Friday, August 7th - at Saginaw-Bay Ice Area
·       Friday, August 21st at Aldersgate Midland Campus

Volunteer to help with the next  Emergency Mobile Food Pantry here.
Have more questions about EMFP? Email Dean & Elaine Tobey

Worship Series

Join us for an "Uncharted" adventure as we are  "Finding True Courage in an Unsettling World". This series runs for six weeks led by Pastors Michael T. Sawicki and Bryan Williams.
Week One: "Grieving Well Creates Space for True Courage to Grow" - Deuteronomy 34: 5-8
Week Two: "Anchored" - Joshua 1: 1-9
Week Three: "Fortified for the Future'." - Joshua 1:10-18
Week Four: "Courage Puts the Focus in the Right Place" - Joshua 4
Week Five: "Growing Courage Requires Me to Face My Sin - Joshua 5: 1-9
Week Six: "Maturity is God's Ultimate Goal in Growing My Courage" - Joshua 5: 10-12

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