Our Story

How it began...

Aldersgate Church began in the 1960 as an intentional church plant growing out of the Midland First United Methodist Church.  At the core of the Aldersgate DNA is a passionate love for God and a driving desire to introduce people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In its beginnings, Aldersgate Church met in the Parkdale  Elementary School gymnasium until it moved to its present location in Midland on Airfield Lane.  Since the beginning, we have sought to impact Midland and the surrounding communities by knowing Jesus and making him known to others.  

Where we are going...

At present, Aldersgate Church is one church with two locations. In the Fall of 2018, Aldersgate Church became a multi-site church as we  continue to live out our founding passion of knowing Jesus and making him known in new ways.  Kochville UMC merged with Aldersgate Church and become Aldersgate Cardinal Square.  

We are excited that we get the chance to be one church in two locations and we long to see lives transformed and our communities impacted in powerful ways.  We long to see people who are not connected to church or disillusioned with church come to meet Jesus and know his immense love.  We long for everyone to have an Aldersgate experience that changes their life and the lives of those around them.  (See the next section below).

We don't know what the journey will hold, but we are excited to be on this journey - and we'd love it if you would join us as well.

What does Aldersgate mean?

The name Aldersgate (see this Wikipedia link) is a sign of the founding passion of our church, as well as the passion that continues to move us today.  Aldersgate is a historical reference to the life-changing experience John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, had at a meeting in Aldersgate, England.  Wesley found his heart "strangely warmed", and he became convinced that his sin was forgiven and that God loved him deeply.  This experience with Jesus not only changed his life - it compelled him to make sure others experienced Jesus as well.  We really long for everyone to have their own 'Aldersgate experience' that transforms their life and impacts those around them as well.