Times and Locations

Find the best place to connect with us.

Aldersgate Midland

Aldersgate Midland is located at 2206 Airfield Lane, not far from Midland High School.  We have a contemporary service, which has modern worship music with a band, at 9:30.  We also have a traditional service with hymns and piano music at 11:00.  You are welcome to come to the  service you prefer. 

Aldersgate Cardinal Square 

Currently, we are not meeting in-person at Cardinal Square because our sanctuary is being remodeled.

You are welcome to join us on Zoom. See the home page for details.

Aldersgate Cardinal Square is located just a bit north of Sam's Club at the corner of Bay Road and Kochville Road.  We have a traditional worship service at 11:00 where we have hymns and contemporary music with piano music.  Fun kids classes are available during worship.  Feel free to come as you are.