Our Staff

Michael T. Sawicki

Lead Pastor of Aldersgate Church

Michael T. has been the pastor at Aldersgate since  2013 and provides leadership for the whole church.   He is strongly focused on developing personal relationships and guiding individuals into relationship with Jesus Christ. Michael is happily married to his wife, Patty.  They have two daughters.  On a clear, calm morning you might find Michael enjoying his love of flying in a Cesna over the Great Lakes Bay Region.  

JJ Mannschreck

Pastor - Aldersgate Cardinal Square

JJ Mannschreck is the newest addition to the Aldersgate Team, joining in March of 2023. He comes with his wife Sara and their four boys - Liam, Amos, Ezra and Asher. In addition to his family life - his passions in ministry include worship music, and finding simple answers to tricky questions about faith. He runs a blog over at thesimpleton.org, as well as his YouTube channel, podcast and TikTok. You can usually find him with the title Pastor JJ - The Simpleton, or by his handle, @jjmann17.

Addie Maxwell

Director of Christian Education

Addie is responsible for all Christian education opportunities at Aldersgate from preschool to adults. She organizes our summer Vacation Bible School, puts together Sunday School curriculum, and even teaches Sunday School. She is married to her husband Craig.

Marcia Wiseman

Director of Youth Ministries - Aldersgate Midland

Marcia is passionate about the spiritual growth and development of kids of all ages.  She spends her time teaching Biology at local colleges, and is wife to Charles, and Mother of two.  Her hobbies include aviation, scuba diving, and good food. She is always pleased when you can combine these activities.

Matthew Brown

Pastor of Outreach Ministry

Principle roles are to: convert our congregation’s outreach passions into active ministries for Christ’s Kingdom, faithfully preach and teach the Word of God, and to equip our Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ to disciple others.